My 5th Liebster Award

Starting off the June 2016 with another Liebster award. Yaayy!!! πŸ™‚ This is my Fifth Liebster award and am glad am here. Without wasting much time let’s see who has nominated me and the questions posed. This time I was nominated by two co-bloggers Sangeeta and Neha. I am a regular reader of Sangeeta’s blog whereas I read Neha’s blog sometimes. 

Sangeeta’s blog is about makeup and beauty and her reviews make your descisions easy. Neha blogs mostly about travel, but you don’t need any other resource related to travel once you read her blog posts. Heading on to the questions posed by these both ladies and my nominations

Questions by Sangeeta from BeautyNYX

(Sangeeta and Neha have posed a lot of Makeup questions phewww……)

1) What made you start a beauty blog? In other words why a beauty blog
Basically by chance whena a brand asked me to review the product first before hosting a sponsored giveaway hehe πŸ˜€

2) Assuming you don’t have a pet and someone gifts you one today, what would you name him / her?
It would be a cat and her name would be Kate πŸ™‚

3) What do you think about getting a tattoo?
I badly want to itch my husband’s name on the back of my neck but he is constantly denying to get one :/

4) What are your summer go to tips for healthy skin?
Take care of your oily skin and avoid the heading out in the sun

5) If the sky were the limit, what would you like to do next?
I would like to start a skincare brand which offers natural skincare products at a very affordable rate…. πŸ™‚

6) What is your favourite makeup brand?
Unsure as of now :/

7) If you could pack up your bag and leave to travel the world, where would you go first and what would you want to do?
I would love going to Switzerland and capture the scenic beauty πŸ™‚

8) How do you calm yourself after you break your favourite makeup product?
I don’t use much makeup so didn’t go through a heartbreak πŸ˜€

9) What does your beauty wish list include?
Plum liner, Colorbar Perfect Match Beauty Balm, Skin78 BB cream and a handful of tinted lip balms πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

10) Tell me one random fact about yourself.
I am not too fond of eating mangoes

Questions by Neha from The Instyle Journal

1) What motivates you to blog?
My school and office friends who read the blog but never inform me that they are regularly reading it.

2) How often do you post content on the blog?

From the past few months almost once every alternate day 

3) Which is your all time favourite movie and why?
Jab We Met because it is full of life and I don’t get bored after reading it unkempt times.

4) What is your favourite beauty product ever?

Skin 78 BB cream (I tried a sample sized product, full sized one is way beyond my budget)

5) Who is your inspiration?
My parents, my brother and my husband. 

6) How would you describe your blogging style?
I would like my readers to answer this question πŸ™‚

7) What is your favourite hobby?

Reading books and newspapers πŸ™‚

8) Describe yourself in one word
My heart knows only two things everything or nothing at all. Extremist (not in a political sense)

9) Who are your top three favourite bloggers?
Swathi from Curious and Confused Me
Shwetali from Not So Hard To be Pretty
Dipti from Gorgeously Flawed

10) Which blogs you check daily?

Nothing which I check daily 

11) Which is your favourite restaurant? Magnolia

And now my nominations are
  • Husna from The Beauty Mascot
  • Safi from The Beauty Inside Out

My questions to the nominees are

  1. Who has been your motivation in the blogging world?
  2. What do you wish you were better at?
  3. Any cute childhood memory.
  4. What’s your favourite pastime?
  5. On which social platform can we find you most active?
  6. Define yourself as a person in one sentence.
  7. What is your unfulfilled dream till date?
  8. What is the most important thing you learnt from blogging?
  9. Which kind of attire you prefer in daily routine?
  10. Did you ever have any unpleasant experience related to blogging? If yes, brief about it
  11. How did you decide the name of your blog?
Looking forward to the answers of my nominations. 

About Sonali

Sonali, is a skincare aficionado who tackles one skin problem at a time. She has been blogging at Skincare Villa since 2016 and is a Certified Formulator for making dry powder based masks and cleansers.