SoapWorks India Luscious Lip Scrub – Juicy Strawberry Review

I hardly ever exfoliate my lips for which I use my extra soft (unused) toothbrush. Many lipstick lovers are fond of lip scrubs. Today’s review is of one such lip scrub which is totally edible and works great also. Read the review of SoapWorks Luscious Lip Scrub – Juicy Strawberry
Organic honey, organic sugar, sweet almond oil and Shea butter
My experience
The product has been tasted as well as tested by me :P. First things first, the product is all natural sans artificial colours and fragrance. It doesn’t contain any chemicals for preservation. The lip scrub performs its job well and exfoliates the lips gently (as long as you don’t scrub vigorously). The lips are left behind with a pink hint and softness.
The product is packaged in a metal tin which is sleek as well as small in size. This makes it very travel friendly. The lip scrub is pink in colour with a sweet strawberry scent.
The fragrance is amazing and as soon as you use it on your lips you will be tempted to eat it. Mark my words, you will eat it even before using it. Since the product is all natural it is totally edible. Overall a good option to try out if you are looking for a luxurious buy for lip scrub.
The In
  • Made from all natural ingredients 
  • Performs exfoliating task effectively
  • Leaves the lips soft and pink
  • Totally edible so hassle free product
  • Quantity required is very less so product lasts longer 
  • Travel friendly small package 
  • Comes in another variant also
  • Mesmerising sweet strawberry scent
  • The sugar granules are small in size and thus don’t hurt the lips 
The Out
  • A bit costly, instead I would love trying a DIY

Price and Shelf life – 344 INR and shelf life not mentioned
As a lip scrub product it works great and is a highly recommended product for its effectiveness and naturalness. But I think for a lip scrub the price would be a little high as it is totally DIYable :). Though the product is worth buying for its effectiveness. If you are in for luxurious lip scrub then you must definitely go in for SoapWorks Luscious Lip Scrub.
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NB – Product sent by brand for review. Honest review.