The Trinket Shop

We all are aware of how women juggle home and work, well some of us also do the same. But can you imagine a CA student juggling her studies and jewellery making. Let’s read the story behind The Trinket Shop and Bhagya the face behind it.
Bhagya is doing CA which is one of the tough professional fields and doing finals right now. She has done three years of internship. 

She had free time at home and all the studies was making her lose the balance and she wanted some kind of change. Being an art lover since childhood, art, designing, playing with colors are her solace.
So every now and then she started doing some creative stuff starting from beads and youtube watching for how to use silk thread etc. And as days passed by a small box filled with them. She put it as an instagram pic in her personal account. And the response to that came as such a pleasant suprise. There were so many people who appreciated her on that from friends to family members and there were a couple of them who strongly instilled the idea of creating own Facebook page. And that’s how The Trinket Shop took birth. Not planned, not out of a vision to have a business, nothing. Just overnight as she created the page… The trinket shop happened.

The name was actually inspired by the love she has for Tinker bell (Disney animation series) as a little kid. Tinker bell – a fairy that uses all unwanted stuff to make something amazing 😀
Starting off with just small bead hoop hearings, silk thread jhumkas and The Trinket Shop diversified into long chains, statement jewellery, imitation jewellery etc. 
Hopefully she finds herself in the future even dealing with more of teracotta stuff and diversify it as much as possible. She also wants to get hiring options available and have her reach overseas. It was the response that pumped her and the idea of customization and personal touch that makes her love and be inspired to do what she does.
Bhagya’s aim is to be a designer and do a lot of customization as it gives the personal touch to the jewellery pieces which she loves and cherishes the most. She also aims to teach young gals/ladies who don’t have a very good platform but are very talented. They can help her make the trinkets (given the materials/designs) and in return it would be a good source of second income to them.
Right now she has taught two ladies who help her with the silk thread stuff and she gives most of the money earned from that to them. How sweet!!!! Service back to the society keeps her so very satisfied and as a girl, she strongly believes in the upliftment of women and doing even the smallest thing to do so makes her feel really proud! So she is doing whatever bit she can for that as well. 🙂
Accounts on instagram and FB 
Instagram – @the_trinket_shop

Facebook –

Delivery – All over India

Right now she is on a break for CA exams. Will resume back in May 2016 third week hopefully.

So this was a girl’s inspiring story about what she loves and does? Do tell me your inspirations
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