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Amara Organix is a brain child of Mehar from Chennai, India. Amara means eternal beauty in Arabic. Mehar the face behind the brand chose this name as it is apt for her concept of natural beauty through natural products.

Being a fashion designer by profession, a decade in retail was enough to make her feel drained out. Retail being a thankless job and gives you very less time for your family or social life. Hence last year Mehar decided to quit her job of hectic schedule so as to give time to family.
While at home, she had a lot of time at her hands and so wanted to do something constructive and creative. Surprisingly she started giving more attention to skincare and the products which were being used by her. She subsequently realised that she was bombarding herself with chemicals from morning till night.

She slowly developed interest in natural skincare and started researching the topic. Her keen interest in natural remedies led her to take classes in aromatherapy and soap making. Initially she started by making soaps. Later on she realised that handmade soaps don’t strip you of your natural body oils and also help in healing skin conditions.

She started making soaps for acne and tanning and slowly started making soaps for all types of skin irritations and conditions. From soaps she moved onto creams, body lotions, haircare and the whole gamut of products.

Today she can proudly state that she neither uses any chemicals on her skin nor allows her friends and family members to do the same. She makes everything which covers up skincare from skinsafe to natural oils to essential oils to minerals and extracts, from facial powders to body care lotions, from shampoos to organic nourishing conditioners. Mehar truly believes in safe skincare and Amara Organix is the proof of her belief.

It was initially a huge challenge for her to acquire raw materials and ingredients. Moreover packaging was a big concer. But slowly she has been able to acquire the best of ingredients from all around the globe. Mehar likes to source ingredients from their genuine point of origin to keep them as pure as possible. But packaging still is a challenge for all the small ventures out there. None of the manufacturers want to sell at lesser quantities which makes it very difficult for them to procure the packaging.

Mehar feels happy to be a part of the natural revolution and would love to keep making such lovely products for years to come. Amara is not her business but a passion, which gets fuelled everyday at her studio concocting an Alchemy of healing potions.

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