IHA Vedic Aripra scrub Review

Scrub is an important part of skincare regime. Although I had been ignoring it for many days but recently after reading so many experiences I have been using scrubs regularly. Let’s see the review of a scrub which claims to be ayurvedic. Today’s review is about IHA Vedic Aripra scrub
Brand claims 

Ingredients and direction for usage

My experience 
The packaging is luxurious and glass tub which has a nice shape. The screw lid is plastic and also a bit thick. The packaging does feel heavy for the amount of scrub. I have no problem as I avoid carrying glass package during travelling.
The scrub is peachy pink in colour (ma favourite colour) with walnut like particles in it. The particles are dense which provide great scrub effect. The scrub is thick creamy in nature and while scrubbing the scrub gets absorbed easily by the skin. After the first application itself my skin smoothenes out. After the creaminess gets absorbed the particles remain. The particles may seem harsh if scrubbed rigorously. Gentle scrubbing will remove dead cells, oil, dirt.
The fragrance of the scrub is very very nice and is fruity and lingers a bit for sometime. I am not able to exactly tell which fragrance it is like but it is definitely pleasant. But it is not at all bothering. This is a very great scrub if you are looking for a change.

The In
  • Luxurious packaging 
  • Affordable price and according to the quantity offered
  • Creamy based scrub which gets absorbed easily
  • Effectively removes dead cells, oil and dirt
  • Leaves the skin smooth and evened out 
  • Great fragrance which is not bothering 
  • Paraben free
The Out
  • Particles may seem harsh if scrubbed rigorously 
  • Glass packaging maybe a problem for some.

Price and Shelf life –175 INR for 40g with a shelf life of 2 years.
Recommendation – I would highly recommend you all to try this scrub for its effectiveness. What I like the most about this scrub is the fragrance and creamy nature. I would surely recommended this scrub to one and all……