Purplle skincare shopping haul

Hi all,
Hope the week is treating you well. Today’s post is about my skincare shopping haul from Purplle.com. There were discounts on some products, so I thought of shopping. I had been eyeing Vaadi Herbals, Himalaya Herbals and W2 brand quite for some time. So when there was a 20% off on Vaadi Herbals and 30% off on W2 brand I immediately placed an order.

I placed my order on 15th Feb 2016 and my order was processed and delivered to me on 19th February 2016. That was pretty quick naah :). At every point I received a message on my smartphone regarding the status of my order. I am quite happy with my shopping experience from purplle.com. The contents were securely packed in bubble wrapping and the package reached me without any damage.
So let’s see what all I shopped for and what all I will be reviewing.
1) Garnier white facewash
I have never used the white range of Garnier so ordered this one.
2) Himalaya Herbals neem scrub
I have used Everyuth scrub all of my life, so thought of trying something new and ordered this one.
3) Himalaya Herbals baby shampoo
This is my favourite shampoo currently, rather this is my second bottle. I oil my hair and shampoo them and it doesn’t dry out my hair.
4) Himalaya Herbals Refreshing Cleansing Milk
After using Ayur for so many years I wanted a change and so ordered Himalaya Herbals Refreshing Cleansing Milk
5) Clean and Clear facewash
Since summers are approaching I use this facewash as it doesn’t dry out my oily skin and helps in preventing pimples.
6) Vaadi Herbals refreshing fruit facepack
Currently am addicted to facepacks so ordered this one.
7) Vaadi Herbals almond and honey facepack
Current addiction to facepacks made me fall for this also
8) Vaadi Herbals lavender shampoo
OMG, I cannot believe it’s by mistake I ordered this shampoo. I thought it’s body lotion and after placing order I saw it’s shampoo. And these are the disadvantages of shopping via smartphone :'(
9) Inveda purifying neem and gotukola facewash
This is the first product I am using from this brand. Let’s see how it turns out to be.
10) W2 Insta glow facial kit
This kit was on offer and I immediately grabbed it. This is the first time I will try a facial kit at home.

So this was what I shopped for. I will be using the products over a period of time and will review some of them soon.
Do you love shopping online?  Tell me your experiences…. Plus your urls 😀