Powerful Tricks for Younger Looking Skin Today

Every woman in the world strives for healthy and young looking skin, no matter of her age. In order to achieve this, the majority of them would try anything that works no matter of its price. Unfortunately, not all of the products show expected results, which can be pretty frustrating. However, there are some little tricks that most certainly work. Stay with us and find out more about them. Enjoy!

1. Keep yourself hydrated
The most important trick for keeping your skin young and healthy is proper hydration. Depriving yourself of water, the most precious liquid in the world, is definitely the worst thing you can do to your body, including skin. Drinking about eight to ten glasses of water per day will help it stay hydrated, while looking beautiful and luminous at the same time. Forget carbonated drinks and switch to tender coconut water instead – it is much healthier, and it certainly won’t release toxins that may cause breakouts.
2. Exfoliate
Exfoliating on a daily basis is an absolute must, simply because our skin gradually loses some of its properties that enable faster regeneration. This basically means that old skin cells start piling up on the surface, which makes your face look dull and flaky. No matter whether you have normal, dry, sensitive, or oily skin, exfoliation can indeed bring new life to your complexion. A gentle scrub will remove the dead skin cells and uncover the new ones below, which will largely contribute to the rejuvenated and radiant skin.


3. Moisturise
A good moisturiser that will boost your skin’s cell regeneration is crucial because skin needs to be hydrated all the time. Organic beauty products are appropriate for all types, since they do not include various toxic substances as the regular products. This is exactly why a gentle organic moisturiser should be your go-to choice for the day. As for the night, a thick and creamy one will be perfect. When it comes to under-eye area, it requires a different kind of formula because it is extra delicate, so make sure that you have chosen the right one.
4. Use Appropriate Makeup Techniques
It is well-known that particular makeup techniques indeed do wonders, and one of them is definitely contouring. This fabulous technique goes hand in hand with highlighting, and these two basically require different shades of foundation – lighter ones for highlighting, and darker ones for defining. The darker tones will help you shade the areas that you would like to reshape, such as nose, cheekbones, chin or forehead. On the other hand, lighter ones will accentuate parts of your face that naturally catch the light, thus making your skin look much more luminous and youthful. When it comes to foundations, it is always a good idea to choose mineral ones, since they don’t contain harsh acids. Check out mineral foundations by Youngblood that are appropriate even for sensitive skin that doesn’t like traditional makeup formulations.
These simple tips will help you get younger looking skin in just a couple of weeks. Of course, balanced diet is a must, as well as regular exercise. A combination of all these factors is the winning one – taking care of yourself is definitely the best thing you can do for your body. If that is done, you can be sure that your skin will glow.
Guest post by Emma

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Emma is in her thirties, but looks like she is in twenties. Her secret lies in using little to no makeup and only organic moisturizing creams that could be found at Skin Matrix array of products. You can follow more of Emma’s advice at HighStyLife.com

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