101 Blog posts + 1st Blogoversary of Golden Rim Blog

I am confused as to where to start. I had started this blog when I had joined a new office after coming to Bangalore and was in a learning phase as the company worked on a different framework. I was bored of practising the software framework on which the company was working (I am a software developer by profession). So I browsed through the Web (to be specific apna Google) and found some interesting diys of flowers and I was stunned. So I decided to start my blog to keep me going through the post lunch times’ in office.

Days passed by and I couldn’t post regularly because I was running out of time. Then exactly one year ago, I decided to blog regularly. I am really happy to tell you all that this is my 101st post as well as Blogoversary (Blogoversary because I decided to post regularly) .
Initially I posted about random thoughts, diys, quick and easy recipes. Later on for sponsored  giveaways the brands wanted me to review the products and then host the giveaways. My first ever giveaway was a sponsored one by Vkarebiosciences.com. Later on other brands insisted I review the product and then host the giveaway. So likewise I started posting beauty reviews (skincare to be specific). After getting into product reviews I have become conscious about my skincare regime as well and have never had a breakout in these 6 months (yaaayy!!!!). So it has really helped me become a skincare junkie. Still I won’t call myself a bblogger, I would love calling myself skincare junkie 🙂
Still you won’t find any makeup products reviews like lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow because I use almost no to minimal makeup (unless sent by brand for review) . And tons of beauty blogs are already out there which will review them better than me, so instead I would concentrate on DIYS which I enjoy posting.
I would also like to thank you all my readers for reading my blog and giving suggestions and valuable comments. I look forward to your support and love.
So to wrap up, that’s my blog story and it’s journey. Hope you all like it. Leave your comments and suggestions. Also leave your blog urls for me to checkout 🙂
NB- Image 1, 3 taken from Google