Four Season Syn-ake Anti Wrinkle Time Reset Mask Review

Let’s see the review of yet another Korean mask that is Four Season Syn-ake Anti Wrinkle Time Reset Mask
Brand claims
The mask helps improve fine wrinkles and return elasticity by giving tension to facial muscle.

Directions for use
Put on the mask for 15 -20 minutes after thorough cleansing. Discard after single use.
My experience
I have used the four Season Series and they all are hydrating and moisturizing. This mask is very hydrating and gives a little stretchy feeling and plumps up the skin a little bit. I don’t have any wrinkles but I guess it will hide fine lines if any temporarily. Overall this mask is very handy when we are in a hurry or travelling. Plus they are travel friendly and budget friendly too. The fragrance is as usual subtle and soothing, whiteout being much bothering.
The In
  • Travel friendly packaging 
  • Compact packaging
  • Budget friendly 
  • Intensely mositurizes the skin
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Gives a subtle temporary glow to the face
  • Cures the dry patches 
  • More suitable for use in winters
  • Plumps up the skin
  • Hides fine lines if any temporarily
The Out
  • I didn’t find any

Price and Shelf life – $0.85 on and shelf life not mentioned.
Overall thoughts
The mask intensely mositurizes and hydrates the skin. It is a travel friendly as well as budget friendly. These masks are hydrating and very easy to use also. Whenever we are in a hurry they come in handy. Plumps up the skin giving a temporary glow.
Repurchase – I like the Mirum Fresh Fruit series more than the Four Season Series.
Recommendation – Yes totally recommended!!!!
Tell me your thoughts on the Korean skincare.