Four Season Multi Vita Brightening Active Mask Review, Price

Let see the review of yet another Korean mask. The mask I used is a mask of the Four Season Series and it is Four Season Multi Vita Brightening Active Mask
Brand claims
The mask contains concentrated multi vitamin essence that brightens and vitalizes the skin.

Directions for use
Put on the mask for 15 -20 minutes after thorough cleansing. Discard after single use.
My experience
The mask is similar to earlier masks I have reviewed, lightly scented, opaque essence and runny consistency. This time I squeezed out the essence from mask and applied thick layer to face. After this layer dried up I applied another layer.
The skin is instantly hydrated and mositurized. And since this mask is a whitening mask it gives a temporary instant glow to the face. The essence is runny so you need to be careful about the essence dripping from chin. Overall a relaxing and conventional skincare regime this is. After completely drying I rinsed with cool water and all I was left behind was smooth skin.
The In
  • Travel friendly and budget packaging
  • Compact packaging which takes less space 
  • Hydrates and mosirturizes the skin
  • Gives a subtle temporary instant glow to the face
  • Heals dry and flaky skin patches 
  • More suitable for use in winters.

The Out
  • Need to try again and again to see actual lasting effects

Price and Shelf life – $0.85 on and shelf life not mentioned.
Overall thoughts
The mask mositurizes and hydrates the skin sufficiently. It is a great way to treat your skin when you are travelling or don’t have time to pamper your skin. The masks show effect when used back to back and I guess you need atleast 2 batches of mask sets. Overall they are worth trying atleast once.
Repurchase – Would love trying another series.
Recommendation – Totally atleast once. Yes for instant glow and mositurization as well as ease of use.
Tell me your thoughts on the Korean skincare.