DIY walnut facewash + Review

How exciting is the idea of making your own facewash? Damn exciting right!!!! Being a DIY freak I always wondered whether one day would I make my own body butter, facewash,  body lotion etc? Today’s post is about DIY walnut facewash. 

Things you will need.
– Facewash base.
– Walnut powder
– A clean vessel/bowl and a spoon or spatula
– Container for storing
1) Take a clean vessel or glass bowl. Make sure no water content is there or the bowl is not moist.
2) Pour the facwash base into the bowl. I poured 50 ml.
3) Take a little quantity of walnut powder and add it to the base. I added 1/4 of a spoon as I didn’t want more scrubbing effect. If you want more of a scrubbing effect add a little extra powder according to your wish.
4) Mix well to make sure no bubbles are formed. The more foam or bubbles are formed during stirring the longer it takes the facewash to set. If you take a large quantity for mixing mix slowly and steadily. Small quantity gets easily mixed.
5) Plus instead of using walnut powder you can experiment using other powder provided it is not moist.

The facewash base is from soapytwist. has a wide range of facewash bases, bodywash bases, body butters, essential oils, powders etc. Do check them out once at
Following are the pros and cons of this facewash I made
The In
  • A very easy way to make facewash 
  • Budget friendly 
  • Diy at the comfort of your home
  • Packaging of the base is excellent 
  • Cleanses face easily 
  • Foams well in hard water too. 
  • Gets washed off easily without leaving a residue.
  • Doesn’t dry out the skin

The Out
  • Ingredients list of base is missing
  • Fragrance of base is a little synthetic sort 
  • If at all water enters the facewash, it will ruin it

Overall thoughts –
Overall am really happy with my first diy facewash. But the quantity soapytwist offers is in case of bases is kgs. I hope for individuals they make small packages based on requests, so everyone can try making their own facewash. I really want to try out different permutations and combinations of the other ingredients to make facewashes. Let’s see how things workout and I will post another blog post with the experiments
Recommendation – Yes definitely recommended if you love DIY.
Tell me whether you would love trying something like this. Plus leave your urls for me to checkout.