Aroma Essentials Green Tea facewash Review, Price

Out of all the products I received from Aroma Essentials this is the last I am reviewing. I have been using the Green Tea facewash for past 8 days. Read on to know my experience.

About Aroma Essentials
Aroma Essentials believes in simple goodness for your skin. The products made by Aroma Essentials are free of artificial fragrances and ingredients. They are dermatogloically tested and not tested on animals. Moreover they are with small shelf life and freshly made to give your skin TLC.

Brand claims
Rich in anti-oxidants, cleanses the face without disturbing natural oils.

Green Tea, Lavender and mint

Directions for use
Wet the face, apply the cleanser all over the face and massage. Wash off with water.

My experience
I have been using the facewash for the past 8 days and I am ok with the results. Firstly the facewash doesn’t foam at all due to absence of sulphates. Now for some people this may be a bit disappointing. For me it was ok sort that it doesnt foam.

The product doesn’t foaming so we don’t know how much to rub it onto.our skin. The facewash cleanses the skin very well. Removes grime and oil from face effectively. After washing the face you feel fresh.

The consistency of the facewash is normal and isn’t runny as well as thick. It contains green tea and you can actually see the particle in the facewash. Please see the swatch below.
The only complain I have is the aroma. It’s not so pleasing. It smells like the Papaya exfo which I earlier reviewed

The In

  • Contains green tea which is a great antioxidant
  • Doesn’t contain sulphates
  • No artificial preservatives and fragrance
  • Gently removes oil and grime from face
  • Doesn’t dry out the skin even in winters
  • Travel friendly package

The Out

  • Not so pleasing fragrance
  • Not foaming may be a con for some people (I have no problem at all)

Available via ordering on Aroma Essentials Facebook page or emailing Aroma Essentials.

Shelf life – 6 months and needs to be stored in refrigerator

Overall thoughts
The product does a good job without any false claims. It removes the grime and dirt effectively without drying out the skin. Contains green tea which is a great antioxidant. Also it doesnt contain sulphates. Overall a good product but something is missing in the product. I cannot explain what but something is amiss.

Repurchase – Maybe not because I already have many facewashes to be used. Might purchase later.

Recommendations – Yes totally recommended as it doesn’t dry out the skin and contains antioxidant
Tell me your experience of using your favourite facewash. And do suggest me some good options for my combination-oily skin.
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