Aroma Essentials Sebum Control Gel Review

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I have tried the Sebum Control Gel from Aroma Essentials and am ready to post my review. Basically I have never tried anything sort of gel to control my sebum secretion in the past. I always used facewash to control my oily skin other than CTM. I usually don’t use facewashes meant for oily skin as they tend to dry up the skin in hope of controlling the oil secretion.
Let’s see the detailed review of the product.

About Aroma Essentials
Aroma Essentials believes in simple goodness for your skin. The products made by aroma Essentials are free of artificial fragrances and ingredients. They are dermatologically tested and not tested on animals. Freshly made products without preservatives is the speciality of Aroma Essentials products

Brand claims
Removes blemishes and brings troubled skin back to clearer look and feel

BHA, Tea tree oil, Aloevera
My experience
Firstly after hearing the word gel it feels quite heavy in nature. But this gel is very, very lightweight. I used it on my acne scars and dry skin around my nose at night for 8 days after washing my face.
The product comes in a tub packaging which is quite travel friendly. The gel is transparent in colour, lightweight in nature and has mild nostalgic fragrance. The consistency of gel is perfect and is neither runny nor thick. It gets absorbed in skin easily. It spreads quite easily on skin and doesn’t leave greasy residue. If applied in excess it makes skin feel a little stretchy. The same feeling when we apply aloevera gel on our face. The fragrance fades away after a while.

Now coming to the effects, in the morning my skin didn’t feel oily at all and felt fresh. It hasn’t shown much improvement on the scars and blemishes. But then I am not worried on this point as it doesn’t claim to lighten the skin tone. All you feel after using this gel is your skin feels fresh after each use.

Price – 150 INR for 15 gms
              300 INR for 35 gms
Shelf life – 6 months and needs to stored in refrigerator
The In
  • Smells nostalgic and fades away after application
  • Lightweight gel which gets absorbed well
  • Hydrates the skin decently
  • Little amount is needed so it will last longer
  • It will suit oily & combination-oily skin
  • Doesn’t make the skin look greasy
  • Contains tea tree oil, aloevera which are proven to benefit the skin

The Out
  • Packaging would have been pump or tube sort so as to maintain the hygiene of the product

Available via ordering on Aroma Essentials Facebook page or emailing Aroma Essentials.

Overall thoughts
The product controls the oil secretion (though it doesnt claim to do so) and gives fresh feel and look to the skin. The gel is quite light weight in nature. It doesnt leave greasy residue behind and the consistency is perfect. The only complaint I have is packaging. Would love to have in tube or pump packaging. I would definitely recommend this product for all oily and combination skinned beauties!

Repurchase- Maybe not as I don’t use much of oil control gels and facewashes!

Recommendation – If you are a person who likes to use sebum control gels then this definitely is a product for you.

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