DIY Satin lace flowers

Currently am obsessed with satin laces. How cute gift bows they make and how cute flowers? Today we will learn a simple DIY satin lace flowers.

For making the flowers you will need
– A satin lace of any colour, probably pink or red satin lace
– Tooth picks
– Glue
– A small cup or a container to hold the flowers

1) Take a satin lace of about 10 cms and fold the center as shown below.

2) Go on folding the satin lace as shown in the pictures below till 7-8 folds. The trick is to fold the stain Lace in the opposite direction. That is fold the satin lace down if it’s up and if it’s at the right fold it to the left. Take a look at pics below carefully.
First take the satin lace end which is at top, make a fold at the place where the triangle was made in step 1. Now take the satin lace end which is at right and fold it to the left side. Now again take the satin lace which is down to the top and the satin lace which is at left to the right.

3) Now hold the satin lace where you have stopped folding and release the first fold and hold it tightly.

4) Now pull one end of the stain lace keeping the other end firmly in place, to make it look something like this. The pulling of the lace is to be done gently as it can be tricky.

5) Take a tooth pick and glue the ends of the stain lace properly. Cut the remaining part of the satin lace. Tada, your flower is ready.

Make around 5-6 to make a bunch and arrange in the container. We will also be coming up with a DIY showpiece based on this.

Meanwhile tell me how cute do these look?

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  1. So awesome. I'll have to try this. I'm looking, on Pinterest, right now, on how to make bows!

  2. Nice post sonali, I used to make these flowers with my ribbons during those good old school days just for fun. Never thought of attaching a stick to it and putting it in a vase for decoration 😀

  3. They are very pretty Sonali.
    Love them a lot <3

  4. Love the post babe! Made me remember my art classes in school. Had such a great time making these 😀

  5. omg loved the diy! so pretty and cute!

  6. I though these were real at first! How beautiful, great idea! Stopping by from Idea Box 🙂

    Alexis @

  7. hi, I'm visiting for the first time from The Great Blog Train hop. Love these satin flowers, I've pinned them for future reference!

  8. These flowers made out of ribbons are cute. I used to make them when I was in school. 😛

  9. I used to see these types of flowers all over the craft fairs in Hawaii. Can't wait to see what you make with them. Thanks for sharing your tutorial on Merry Monday.

  10. wow!!! super easy, but never thought about it

  11. very cute.. i make them and decorate my curtains with it 🙂

  12. Loved the way you've explained the process step by step. You've made it so uncomplicated. Looking forward to more such creative tips.

  13. Woow..Beautiful flowers. Will surely try to make them..Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  14. Love the post sweety…beautiful flower ..this dy is amazing….so easy nd it..thnku for sharing..god bless u…

  15. This is so pretty.loved it 🙂

  16. I love these flowers. I used to make these as a little girl and used to push my mom to pin it in my dress 😛

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