Simple ways to be happy when feeling low

The other day one of my best friends was feeling low for unobvious reasons and was asking me for advice as to prep her mood up. I advised her to read a book or watch a movie. After some days she got a hair cut done and told me how it lifted her mood instantly. She enjoyed the attention she got in her office because of the haircut.
After this incidence I thought how simple things bring joys in our life, and so was this blog post born. We will take a look at some simple and day to day activities which prep up our mood in no time.
It is scientifically proven that gardening can lift your moods instantly. Spending time with nature has positive effects on our nervous system and thus helps in lifting our moods.
Getting organised or cleaning has an effect on the sense of being organised in human beings. This helps in preping up the mood. And how happy we become when we find our things in place.


Baking can be a treat to our senses, mental soundness. It brings out postitve results and is associated with nurture and goodness. I agree baking requires skills, but you can try some simple recipes and lift your spirits up. If at all you hate cooking and baking as such all you can say do is eat a cupcake, brownie, fudge to get into good mood. What say?!

Organising your wardrobe
Believe me this helps a lot in getting things organised and helps in decluttering too. I always go in for this option when am angry Orr feeling low as such. Some favorite clothes lying deep in the wardrobe bring such a joy.

Reading is my all time favorite hobby when am free, am angry, sad, feeling low, or simply bored. Reading a novel takes you into a whole new world and makes you forget your worries, at least for a while. Reading anything simply brings a sense of looking at things from others point of view.

So these are my ways of feeling happy or lifting the spirits. Tell me yours in the comments section below or an email

5 Replies to “Simple ways to be happy when feeling low”

  1. Interesting article!

  2. All the methods that you mentioned seem worth doing.. especially wardrobe.. when piles of clothes get collected and all you want is to take out time from your busy schedule and organize it..
    I like the language and the flow with which you write..


  3. Anonymous says:

    Here from Merry Monday.
    Reading usually works!
    Or going out to dinner!

  4. Listening to some good gospel music works for me. I like the gardening idea too though! Thanks for sharing with us at the Merry Monday party!

  5. Cleaning and organizing are definitely my go-to blues busters especially to good music. It makes me feel like I have control over a tiny part of my universe.

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