Things You Should Know About Me if We are going to be BFF

Hi All,
I had a great time writing this post. If we are BFF we tend to know a lot more about them, sometimes the things even they are unaware of. So following is the list you need to know if we were gonna be BFF.
#1 I am an extremist in all things, as my heart knows only two things – everything or nothing at all.
#2 I am a grammar Nazi.
#3 I don’t like eating mangoes.
#4 I love getting drenched in heavy rains and walking with an umbrella when it’s raining scantily.
#5 I love MATHEMATICS (integrations and derivations included)
#6 I am a no-makeup person.
#7 When someone says sorry to me, I am always like ‘you should be’. Even if it’s me apologizing :D.
#8 I love the color red but hate to see it in my wardrobe.
#9 I have a severe fetish of arranging newspapers in a neat manner in the rack or tea poy.
#10 I am a hard core Twilight fan, but I believe that you should not judge a book by the movie it’s made into.
#11 I love reading books, articles, anything. Love reading that’s it.
#12 I have very bad teeth and have had surgery thrice on my gums, have had two wisdom tooth extractions and three root canals done pheeww.
#13 I have a very sharp memory.
#14 I may seem practical but am a softie at heart.
#15 I am a lazy cook.
Tell me in the comment section below how many of the above things you share with me. Till then have a great day ahead.