Liebster award acceptance and nominations

Aah finally an award to egg you on to blog more and get connected to other bloggers! Lavinia Lynch has nominated me for Liebster Award. Lavinia Lynch blogs at Recipes for busy Mums and being a new mum on the block  I can perfectly relate to her idea of quick recipes for busy mums. 
This award means much more to me than just accepting, putting up a badge and nominating fellow bloggers. It’s difficult to manage home, an eight month old baby and then try and find time for blogging. It’s still an honour and am going to accept my award.
For those of you who don’t know, the Liebster Award is a recognition given to bloggers usually by other bloggers to discover new blogs and appreciate. I’m answering the questions posed and give my nominations. So here we go 🙂
What are 10 random facts about you?
1) I hate eating mangoes.
2) I love the fact that I have curly hair.
3) I can spend hours reading books.
4) I am a no makeup person.
5) I can sound rude at times because of my straight forward nature.
6) I love getting drenched in heavy rains.
7) I am a lazy cook, instead would love cleaning my home.
8) You will never find synthetic clothes in my wardrobe.
9) I can spend my whole life just eating rice.
10) I am a Twitter addict 😀

Where does your blogging inspiration come from?
My love for writing is my inspiration. Also people in my life do serve as an inspiration to me.

Is your blogging simply a hobby? What kind of dreams do you have for it?
At the moment it’s a hobby. But would love to blog much more.

What is your support system like and who are your biggest supporters?
My biggest supporters are my friends, who enjoy reading my blog and tell me to keep going.

What do you enjoy most about blogging?
The thing which I enjoy the most about blogging is the fact that it comes naturally to me.

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed with too many tasks at once?
OMG! I become hyper and end up messing everything instead of getting things done.

What would you do with a large sum of money given to you?
Uumm, firstly I would save some for my son’s future and then would donate the remaining amount to a charity of Cancer patients. I have seen many cancer patients in my Friend circle and can relate how hard it is to fight with cancer and keep your spirits up at the same time.

What was one of the most moving books or movies you have ever read or seen?
The Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo was the book which has moved me and makes me believe that dreams are to be chased and things which happen twice are destined to happen for the third time.

Where would you like to see yourself in the next couple of years?
I would like to see myself blogging more and more in next couple of years.

Do you have a bucket list? Name 5 things on that.
Nope do not wish to disclose.

What is your single best piece of advice for someone starting out in the blogging world?
I think it’s too early for me to give advice to others in terms of blogging.
And now my nominations for best  upcoming blogs are:
Amara Franklin blogs at Miracles come in pairs
Gowthama Rajavelu blogs at Creatikaa

Attention Nominees: Here are the instructions as they were given to me:
“Nominees it is your turn to answer the questions and award some blogs if you are willing. Answer the above questions in your own blog post and then nominate some of your favorite blogs that have fewer than 200 followers (it can be whatever kind of followers you like – I used G+ followers and Twitter). You can either make up a new list of questions for your nominees or just use the ones I have used. Leave a comment on your nominee’s blog so that they know that they were nominated! Include a link back to your post so that they know what to do. Participating in awards like this is a great way to build your community in the blog atmosphere and connect with other bloggers.”

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  1. Great answers +Sonali Patil! I hate mangoes too! I'm looking forward to reading your nominee's blogs 🙂

  2. You are so amazing! Thank you so much for this honor! ♥

  3. Mention not Amara, you deserve it!

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