DIY Facial wipe flowers

Hiya folks,
Today am posting my first DIY flower post. I had made my DIY organde flowers way back when I was in college but was not happy with the stiff and dull flowers. So I have used the same technique but with a twist.

I have used the facial wipes to make these flowers. I first tried making the flower with an unused facial wipe lying in my drawer and even used baby wipes to make some more.
Why I used facial / baby wipes to make the flowers?
– Was not happy with the stiff organde paper
– Facial wipes make a fluffy flower
– Its easier to twist, fold, wrap and tie them.
– They smell great, aha ๐Ÿ™‚
So following is the tutorial for the flowers. I don’t know the name and am surely not going to call them roses because they don’t look like one.
Things you will need
– Facial wipes / baby wipes
– Cotton buds
– Thread for tying
1) Take a single facial wipe. Cut it in a square because usually they are rectangular in dimension. Make about 4-6 small squares of one facial wipe.
2) Take one of the square wipes which you have cut. Fold one corner of the square piece as shown in the picture.
3) Fold the opposite corner of the same piece to make it look like as shown in the below pic no. 3.
4) Now fold the piece along the horizontal symmetry line to look like as shown in the image no. 4. Fold all the pieces to make the flower.
5) Take a cotton bud and start rolling the petals around it as shown in the picture no. 5
6) Go on rolling all the petals around the bud and tie the thread at end to keep the petals in place. Your flower is ready.
Things to work on in this DIY
– Colourful flowers
– Find a way to work on the stem
Soon I will be making the coloured versions of these flowers till then have a great day ahead. And yes do tell me how these flowers are in the comments section below.

5 Replies to “DIY Facial wipe flowers”

  1. Lovely attempt and appreciate your innovation. Simply beautiful work!

  2. This idea is truly interesting and easy to do as well.. you are very talented!


  3. Great!!! so creative and beautiful thanks for sharing idea.. waiting for coloured one ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Thanks for the tutorial.I would definitely try this.

  5. Sonali I must say you are so creative. You always make the best stuff.
    These reminded me of my school days. I was creative at making such flowers using tissue papers & collage papers.
    But using facial wipes for the same is a completely new technique.
    I am definitely gonna try it ๐Ÿ™‚
    By the way,
    Please make pink & red flowers as I would love to see them <3

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