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Hiya folks,
It’s my husband’s birthday next month and am thinking about what to gift him. It has always been a tough situation wherein I find it difficult about what to gift my hubby on anniversaries and birthdays. I Googled for it and I just get the e-commerce websites selling gifts and no website with gift ideas.
So I decided to write a post about gift ideas for husband and I came up with a few gift ideas.
1) Travel pouch/bag
      If your man is a travel junkie he would surely love a travel pouch or a travel bag. You can gift a travel bag of his favorite brand to give a personal touch to your gift.
2) Gym bag
     A gymaholic would definitely need a gym bag and here lies the answer to the question of gifting your gymaholic husband.
3) Pen holder/stand
     I know it sounds like a bit boring gift idea, but believe me whenever he would look at the pen holder on his office desk he would think of you. And I guess this reason is enough for you to linger on his mind even when he is in the office 😉
4) Spa session
     Nothing can be more relaxing than a spa session. What can be a better gift on his b’day than him being content and relaxed. To make his day relaxing you can book a spa session in his favorite salon or at a spa.
5) Skin Care products
     Another boring option right. But we women are so obsessed with our own beauty regimes and all that we forget men too need to take care of their skin. There are many options when it comes to men’s skin Care range. You need to look out and choose the ones which suit your husband.
6) Hard disk (I don’t mean a CD)
   Your hubby is a movie buff and loves watching movies again and again. So a hard disk can be your gift so that he can save data or movies on it.
7) iPhone/Nexus mobile cover
      Trendy covers for phone can be a gift option when no other option is left. offers nice covers.
8) Photo album/ frame
     I particularly like this option. What is a better gift than memories which we cherish for life? Some favourite pictures of your marriage, honeymoon, random clicks arranged in a photo album would make a nice gift. I usually prefer Archies albums or frames.
9) Coffee Mug
     He will definitely love sipping his cuppa of tea or coffee in a coffee mug gifted by you.
10) Bath robe
      You know his favorite colour, so go in for a bath robe of that colour. I am sure he will definitely like this hatke gift.
      I usually prefer giving a greeting card along with the gift. It speaks thousand words. The feelings which we are unable to express find words through a card.
What is your idea of gifting your husband, boyfriend or brother? Tell me in comments section below.
Till then have a great day ahead.

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  1. Interesting Sonali…
    I dont have a husband (yet)
    But I shall remember these!

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